"Минусовки" | Guitar Backing Tracks

Jam Tracks Backing
01 Classic Rock - Backing Track
02 Classic Rock - Soloing Lick Example
03 Heavy Metal - Backing Track
04 Heavy Metal - Soloing Lick Example
05 80's Rock Ballad - Backing Track
06 80's Rock Ballad - Soloing Example
07 90's Grunge - Backing Track
08 90's Grunge - Soloing Example
09 Acoustic Rock - Backing Track
10 Acoustic Rock - Soloing Example
11 Punk Rock - Backing Track
12 Punk Rock - Soloing Example
13 Nu Metal - Backing Track
14 Nu Metal - Soloing Example
15 Garage Rock - Backing Track
16 Garage Rock - Soloing Example

Rock Backing
1 Tuning
2 Metal lick
3 Metal Backing
4 Punk-pop lick
5 Punk-pop Backing
6 UK Indie lick
7 UK Indie Backing
8 Classic Rock lick
9 Classic Rock Backing
10 Funk Rock lick
11 Funk rock backing
12 Instrumental Rock lick
13 Instrumental Rock Backing
14 Garage Rock lick
15 Garage Rock Backing
16 Grunge lick
17 Grunge Backing

JaZZ Backing
Blue Bossa 1
Blue Bossa 2 (J.Pass)
Blue Bossa 2 (P.Martino)
Four On Six
Lover Man
Lush Life
Someday My Prince Will Come
There Will Never Be Another You
Tune Up

JaZZ Blues Backing
Jazz Blues in A
Jazz Blues in Bb
Jazz Shuffle in Bb
Jazz Blues in C
Jazz Modal Blues in C (6/8)
Jazz Blues in Cm
Jazz Blues in D
Jazz Blues in Db
Jazz Bossa-Blues in Dm
Jazz Blues in F#
Jazz Blues in F (fast)
Jazz Blues in G
Jazz Blues in G (slow)

Blues Backing Tracks
Modern Fusion Blues
Ramblin' On My Mind
Slide Backing Track E
Slow Hard Blues In E
Smooth Blues
Stompin' Blues
Stormy Monday Blues in G
Sweet Home Chicago
Texas Blues In A
Worried Mind Blues

Blues Jamtrax
12 Bar Boogie in E
12 Bar Blues
Acoustic Blues in A
Blues Shuffle in Gm
Chicago Blues in G
Fast Boogie In E
Funky Blues in C
Funky Blues in G
Minor Blues in Bm
Rock&Roll Blues in C
Rock&Roll Blues in E
Shuffle Blues in A
Boogie Shuffle in Gm
Slow Blues in G

Full Blues & Bluesrock Jamtrax
Rock&Roll Blues

Stax of Trax
1 Boogie On Down Down
2 The Thrill is Back
3 The Colour Purple
4 A New Page
5 Beck In Business
6 Alpha Funk
7 Boss Bossa
8 Big Country
9 Sultana Smoothie
10 Metal Pants